live chat 01

Some love it, some hate it, and it has our agents juggling multiple customers at once.  Live chat divides conversation in more ways than one.

September, 2018
knowledge base 01

The mind of a Contact Centre Manager is constantly whirring with ways to reduce agent workload whilst improving customer experience. An impossible task? I don’t think so. Behind every good agent is a solid and reliable Knowledge Base.

August, 2018

Probably, yes. If you’re responsible for a contact centre and find your advisors listlessly answering the same, simple, non-specific questions every day then read on – a chat bot is likely to have a big impact on the efficiency of your operation.

July, 2018
june 2018 01

Investing in new Contact Centre technology is essential - but if our customers struggle to use this technology, getting a return on investment can be difficult.

June, 2018

All of us have a brand voice, and in our experience the most successful companies have a single brand voice.

November, 2016
Controlling abandonment 2

When analysing the performance of our IVRs we must remember to distinguish between the 2 very different types of abandonment: positive and negative.

October, 2016

In our previous blog, The 5 Influencing Factors, we discussed the importance language has in encouraging different responses from customers.

September, 2016
Linguistics and your IVR 3

Over the past decade new technology has driven new international markets – and a new culture. Customer service can be challenging at the best of times, but with customers now from many different cultures and nationalities, maintaining strong customer satisfaction becomes even more problematic.

August, 2016
5 influencing factors 1

IVRs surely face more accusations of poor performance than any other customer touchpoint. Every company aspires to a “good” IVR – and yet systems route callers to the wrong place, and leave agents transferring customers who simply chose the wrong options.

July, 2016

The face of the digital landscape is changing, and at a rapid speed. Digital disruption now significantly impacts the way we communicate with customers every day. Plus, new technology means there is an overwhelming amount of data we can gather – and produced in a real-time setting.

June, 2016