Secrets of Portals 1
A ‘portal’ might sound like a magical doorway into another realm. But it should not feel like one.
January, 2020
Customer Hero 1
Problems are always more fun when you think of them as adventures. Sadly, when something stops working, no one says.
November, 2019
How To Say 1
“Jolly Green Giant” sounds like a good guy to know, doesn’t he? For years he’s been encouraging kids to eat their greens.
October, 2019
Expensive upgrade 1
Investing in sparkly new tech can feel like waving a magic wand that will solve our business woes.
September, 2019
The Power of Video 1
It’s no longer a debate, video is an unparalleled medium for communicating messages.
August, 2019
Shift left 1
Shifting left is about bringing solutions closer to customers. This also means taking problems further away from skilled agents.
July, 2019
Communicate this 1

Sunshine, water, belly laughs, fresh air, running around, sleep.

Some of life’s single ingredients which solve mountains of problems.

May, 2019
Survey blog 1

People who think getting someone to commit to marriage is hard, clearly haven’t asked a customer to complete a survey.

May, 2019
Customer Journey Maps 01

Paolo Nutini once put some new shoes on.

In the world of customer journey mapping, he had the right idea. Our own pair simply won’t do.

April, 2019
writing effective emails one 1000x600 option one

It isn’t for a want of trying, that’s for sure. But here’s the harsh reality.

Even if you write a good email, imploring someone to read it is a whole different story.

February, 2019
digital trans 01

There’s a reason contact centre is an ever more relevant term than call centre.

December, 2018
iStock 499582070
Picture the scene – a beachside restaurant in the south of France. A dazzling white terrace looks over the sparkling azure sea. French families sit quietly and all is calm.
October, 2018