There’s that mate who persuades you to jump in the sea, the friend who hotly debates at a light-hearted pub quiz, and the pal who you’ll always be a shoulder for.
April, 2021
Recent years have seen the rise of the robots… and it’s not the sci-fi nightmare Keanu Reeves had us picturing.
March, 2021
The contact centre is a resilient animal. Having developed from one-dimensional call centres into jack-of-all-trade-centres juggling multiple channels.
March, 2021
The difference between translation and localisation isn’t new to us as contact centres.
February, 2021
‘Unified communications’ is a term that gets thrown around a lot in our industry. There’s no secret it means a big piece of new kit.
January, 2021
‘Actions speak louder than words’ is something we hear a lot. What we don’t talk about enough is how words influence actions.
November, 2020
We’ve all lived near the same dragon this year. There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make us all feel like neighbours, hey kids?
October, 2020
Self-service used to get a bit of a bad rap. Oh, how the tables do turn.
August, 2020
When push came to shove for the digital shift, is when life turned into lockdown. Coronavirus has moved the world online faster than any marketing campaign could ever have done.
July, 2020
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Quick response is a lifeline for contact centres in unusual situations. And boy, have things been unusual lately.
May, 2020
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What is TOV? Tone of voice can feel like a slippery term. Guilty as charged: it is rooted in abstract ideas like inflection and emotional connection.
April, 2020
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Getting things done is one thing. Getting other people to do things is another challenge entirely.
February, 2020