It won’t be long until Elon Musk creates an army of microchipped chimps that can do calculus, but until then, it’s up to us to crunch the numbers.
March, 2024
How’s everyone feeling out there? “At Christmas we tell the truth” (Bloke that’s in love with Kiera Knightley, Love Actually, 2003) and so it’s okay if the answer is that you’re not full of festive sparkle.
December, 2023
Chatbots have played the long-game in the AI renaissance. These little guys never got the glamorous press launch of ChatGPT, but have been babies in the corners of websites for decades...
October, 2023
Does your knowledge bank resemble a bowl of alphabetti spaghetti? This is your sign to neglect it no longer.
September, 2023
Hands up anyone who can honestly say they haven’t asked Chat GPT something akin to the following...
July, 2023
At Adexchange, we say there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to measuring customer experience.
March, 2023
The annual battle of the emojis has commenced and 😂 has come out triumphant!
November, 2022
Here at Adexchange, we champion ongoing learning, in the form of training and workshops, for two whopping good reasons.
June, 2022
Getting a new channel up and running, can take a host of software engineers, installation experts and compliance analysts.
March, 2022
January’s not looking…relax…he’s gone. This is a safe space where we can be real about our new years’ resolutions.
February, 2022
Here at Adexchange we love data. As contact centre managers, data gives us x-ray vision across our operation.
October, 2021
Whoever wrote all the old odes, missed a very important one.
August, 2021